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Fredrikstad Animation Festival (out of competition)– Germany, November, 2018
Leeds International Film Festival (official selection) – England, November, 2018
Copenhagen Short Film Festival official selection) – Dania, November, 2018
Weisbaden Animation Festival (official selection) – Germany November, 2018
Wales Film Festival (official selection) – England, October, 2018
Balkanima (official selection) – Serbia, October, 2018
Savanna International Film Festival (official selection) – USA, October, 2018
Taichung International Animation Festival (official selection)- Taiwan, October, 2018
Bucheon Animation Film Festival (official selection) – South Korea, October, 2018
Santa Cruz Film Festival – USA, October, 2018
Sedicicorto International Film Festival (official selection) – Italy, Oktober 2018
Drunken Film Festival (official selection) – Oktober, USA, 2018
Animatou (official selection) – Switzerland, Oktober, 2018
Alexander Trauner Film Festival (official selection) – Hungary, October, 2018
Tofuzi – Georgia, October, 2018
Encounters Film and Animation Festival (official selection) – UK, September, 2018
Balinale (official selection) – Indonesia, September, 2018
Jameson Cinefest (official selection) – Hungary, Szeptember, 2018
Anim’est (official selection) – Romania, September, 2018
Message to Man (official selection) – Russia, September, 2018
Calgary Film Festival (official selection) – September, Canada, 2018
Animanima (official selection) – Serbia, September, 2018
Ottawa International Animation Festival (official selection) – Canada, Szeptember, 2018
Fantoche International Animation Festival (official selection) – Switzerland, September 2018
LINOLEUM – Int. Fest. of Contemporary Animation & Media Art (official selection) – Ukrain, September, 2018
Melbourn International Film Festival (official selection) – Australia, August, 2018
Anibar Animation Film Festival (official selection) – Kosovo, Augustus, 2018
Lviv International Short Film Festival – Wizz-Art (official selection) – Ukraine, Augustus, 2018
Anim!Arte – (official competition) – Brazil, Augustus 2018
Imaginaria (official selection) – Italy, August, 2018
Dragon Con (official selection) – Atlanta, August 2018
Int. Dokumentary and Short Film Festival – DOKUFEST (official selection) – Kosovo, August, 2018
BuSho Film Festival (official selection) – Hungary, August 2018
Insomnia International Animation Film Festival (official selection) – Russia, July 2018
La Guarimba International Film Festival (official selection) – Italy, July 2018
Guanajuato International Film Festival (Midnight Madness) – Mexico, July 2018
Fest Anca (official selection) – Slovakia, July 2018
Anima Mundi (official selection) – Brazil, July 2018
Animaphix Animation Festival (official selection) – Italy, July, 2018
Giffoni Film Festival (official selection) – Italy, July 2018
Animafest Zagrab (official selection) – Croatia, June 2018
Annecy International Animated Film Festival (official selection) – France, June 2018
Fest – New Directors/New Films Festival (official selection) – Portugal, June 2018
In The Palace (official selection) – Bulgaria, June 2018
Anifilm, International Festival of Animated Film (official selection) – Czech Republic, May 2018

to be continued…


Best Animation of the Year 2018 – Hungarian Film Critics Award, Hungary
Best Animation Award – California Women’s Film Festival, USA
Royal Reel Winner – International Film Festival, Canada
Best Animation Award – Veracruze Short Film Festival, Mexico
Best Animation Award – Banglore Short Film Festival, India
Best Short Film – Exground Film Festival, Germany
Best Animation – Arthouse, India
2nd Prize, Category of Fine Art Films – Alexandre Trauner Film Festival, Hungary
Special mention – Tofuzi, Georgia
Kecskeméti Animációs Film Fesztivál – Gyermekzsűri Díja


MERMAIDS AND RHINOS <br /><small>15 min, non-dialogue animated short film</small>

Eight-year-old Tilda’s memories of her family as surrealistic visions come into life: the circus member ex-mermaid grandmother, the erotically overheated mother and the disappeared father whose broken heart, anger and jealousy manifest as a rhino. The acts of present and the past are in constant metamorphoses and transformation. The characters overstep their own and the surrounding world’s physical borders. Tilda’s life is full of grotesque, bizarre characters hungry for love. The atmosphere of wistfulness, desire, passion and sorrow frame the story.

Director: Viktória Traub
Script: Polett Dus, Dorka Gergely, Viktória Traub
Design: Viktória Traub
Animation: Dániel Bárány, Mirella Benes, Katalin Égely, Arnold Pál,
Réka Farkas, Júlia Gacs, Zoltán Koska, Anita Szabó Kühnel, Gábor Mariai,
András Menráth, Tina Orosz, Erika Riha, Viktória Traub, Csaba Zabos
Painting: Eszter Horváth, Noémi Takács
Background: Éva Taskovics, Viktória Traub
Trainee: Éva Darabos, Bori Mészáros, Natalia Andrade, Rebeka Sebestyén, Anna Szöllősi
Composit: Lajos Polecsák
Music: Chris Allan Tod
Sound designer: Zoltán Vadon
Foley artist: Zoltán Vadon, Rudolf Várhegyi
Editor: Brigitta Bacskai, Lajos Polecsák
Voices: Mother – Gertrúd Czinki, Father – Ferenc Tüske, Tilda – Léna Urbán,
Grandmother – Júlia Farkas, Hostel women – Soma Mamagésa, Fish seller man  – Szabolcs Urbán,
Fish seller woman – Polett Dus, The lover – László Csernátony Lukács
Executive producer: Diána Spáh
Producer: Polett Dus
Production coordinator: Inez Mátis
Production manager: Krisztina Holló
Accounting: Rita Vörös
Production Lawyer: Annamária Szőke
Production Assistant: Dóra Batka

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Special Thanks to: “LAVANDA Events”

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